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Having a diificult time with Koodo service and tab issues Very dissapointed with this foolish company

I recently purchased an HTC one M8 on the $64.00 tab (the medium tab I believe), and 6 days later my phone just turned off while having almost full battery. I was unable to turn it back on and proceeded back to the koodo store where I purchased it at. They too were unable to do anything about the issue and recommended that I get either a new phone or another new HTC M8. After being reimbursed my initial payment of $603 the individuals working at that location were unable to as they put it "re-adjust my tab to the new phone". It has been two days and I am getting a run around from both Koodo's customer service and from those at the store where I purchased the phone. I am a rather patient individual but the responses and help thus far I have received are making me a little edgy. I was not offered a loner phone and instead upon asking was told by the young lady that the loners are "pieces of shit". Nowhere on this planet and my time on it have I ever witnessed a complete lack of professionalism and competency. Even when I called another location, after the individual answered by saying "whats up can I help you" I was given a run around worse than a loose leashed dog at an open park. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM KOODO. As far as their employees I feel sorry for them. They have maybe basic grade ten education toppled with a complete lack of business etiquette and basic 10year old manners. Please people stay far away from this excuse of a service provider. Shame on you Koodo and your employees. Go learn how to be professional then come serve professional customers.

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Am not following one item here. Do you now not have a phone but still somehow owe a tab? Are you sure you don't mean plan instead of tab? If you took tab medium you wouldn't have been reimbursed the 603$ so .im thinking you took tab small. Was there some reason you couldn't use the reimbursement to buy another M8? Thanks
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I'm confused as to why they couldn't have just exchanged it for another phone on the spot. In fact, if it was a new M8 on the same Tab level, they wouldn't even need to refund your original money; just a straight swap in the channel and then whatever proprietary point of sale system they use.
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Where was this store this happened? There are a few koodo moderators here and I have to believe they would want to share your feedback with that store's manager.
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Hi Sandy,

I'm very sorry you had go through this. I'm going to share your concerns with our team here. Can you let me know which locations you went to?