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Have some Questions about Tab/rate plans when Upgrading

So, I'm planning on paying off my remaining Tab balance and upgrading phones soon because mine's old and giving me lots of issues, even after factory resets. I'm a bit confused about how upgrades and rate plans and the new tab changes work though. I currently have a $35 Canada Wide promotional plan that was offered around Christmas last year, which is no longer available, but it suits my needs perfectly. I'm worried that if I go to upgrade my phone, I'll need to change plans too because I'm thinking of going with a Medium Tab (currently on the old style Tab plan as far as I know). If I upgrade phones and choose the Medium Tab, will I need to change phone plan too or will I just have an extra $5 Tab Charge added on top of my regular bill? If I need to change it to get the Medium Tab, is there a way to upgrade (small tab maybe?) that would let me keep my current plan? Thanks!

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The Medium Tab requires a plan of at least $30, so you can keep your current plan 🙂 If you want, you could also keep your plan and also go on the Small Tab. The Large Tab requires a special large Tab plans though
Perfect! Exactly what I needed to know, thanks a lot 🙂
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Sarah Browning wrote:

Perfect! Exactly what I needed to know, thanks a lot =)

Happy to help ^^