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Failed credit check but pulled credit report and very clean credit and good score

Hello, I went to the store to activate a new line and get a new phone on a medium tab. I was told that the credit check did not go through. I could not put a phone on a tab but was allowed to do BYOD (I had a spare phone). So I got my plan activated and left.

I was surprised there was an issue with the credit check since my credit is quite good. I pulled my report to see what was going on, and surely enough, it was still very good (high score, no derogs, long history).

Can Koodo's review be overturned?

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Overturned? No. But you could apply again, unless you were turned down because of an extremely short credit history.
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It is interesting as they allowed you to have a BYOD but not a Tab Medium plan.

Have you been ever a Koodo customer? Or bought a phone then canceled in a short time? I was wondering if there was something else on the file.