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existing long time customers should get the same pricing when upgrading as new customers

also your plans are getting as expensive as Rogers

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Um, existing long time customers DO get the same pricing when upgrading as new customers. They just have to have paid off their Tab if that's what you're talking about. Also, I just looked at Rogers' plans and...whoa are they off.
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Koodo has a $60 Unlimited Nationwide talk and 1 GB data plan... please show me where Rogers has the same plan for the same price. The closest they have would be $75. Granted, the phone selection with Rogers is a bit higher, but they're also a premium brand. There's also no activation or upgrade fees with Koodo. You'd have to pay $15 (an introductory promo price, normally $35) to get a new device with them.
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I've been koodo for a while now and I always got the same price on my phones and plans Judy. I'm not sure I know what you mean.