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Email customers when big changes occur to plans, tabs and so forth

  • 28 September 2016
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Email customers when big changes are happening to Koodo like how they created 3 tabs from 2 and how the medium tab you need to have a $40 plan or plans are changing price, specially to customers who have been around for along time. ie. I have an old $33 plan that fits me perfectly and was going to get an iPhone 6s 64gb on medium tab but just waiting for pay day and then on my pay day I go to check the website for exact price and I see Koodo changed to 3 tabs and middle tab has to be $40 plan without a warning.

1 reply

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Hello Jason.

I must agree with you, this is a good idea because not everyone looks at Koodo's site everyday to see what's changed. I hope your idea will get visibility. 

The only down side would be that it may be confusing to some people tor receive those messages.