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easy tab payoff

It would be an amazing thing for you guys to do, if you could make it so that if you have a credit on your bill after you pay it. That you could put that credit towards paying off the tab!! In my opinion, it would make your company soooooooooo much better. instead of taking forever to pay off a medium or large tab. That way people could always get the best phone they could have. you can make it that only a percent of what credit you have goes on the tab like 50% and the rest gets forfeted. Also it could only be available on certain phones, or certain tab sizes. look forward to hearing about it from you guys!!

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You can pay off your tab at any time though so just don't overpayaand put that money aside each month until you have enough to pay your tab in full at the time you upgrade your device. The way you suggest might confuse some people and cause more issues for users who don't understand and didn't want to choose that money to go towards the tab.
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It doesn't matter what Size tab you choose, they all take 24 months to clear. Or as you said Paul, the user can choose to pay it off themselves in a lump payment.