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Double your tab earnings

Double the amount Koodo contributes to the tab so replacement phones can be purchased easier and quicker. years ago I could get a decent phone every year.

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Years ago a decent phone cost $100.
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this is good, especially since there are 2 year contracts coming down the pipes with larger providers. This would help keep everyone on the same page
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A $300 tab would take 40 months to pay off with the $75 plan. So even if Koodo was to double the tab, you wouldn't be able to upgrade once per year.
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People have been conditioned over the years that cellphones are cheap, disposable items. Sadly, they barely ever were (thanks, subsidies!) and nowadays with smartphones, it's quite the contrary. The 2yr maximum agreements come next December will make a lot of people realize just that. Everyone knows carriers are not going to foot the bill to make up for the difference, so the initial cost of subsidized phones will go up exponentially. Say goodbye to $179 iPhones, we're not in the USA. The second hand market is going to be more popular than ever next year as people flock to used, 1yr-old high end phones to cater to their needs without breaking the bank.