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Does TAB balance update if price of phone drops?

As new immigrant I have a question: If you drop the price of your phones, will you apply the same discount in the TAB remaining balance of the account? Lets say I got a phone with you a week ago with a discount of 300 dollars, now you drop the price of the same phone to 200 dollars, if I want to pay off my tab, will I pay 300 or the new 200 price?

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Hi Pr, Nope, that's not how it works, once you buy a phone for a certain price, the Tab will be locked to that. However if the price drops within a few weeks after your purchase, you can certainly talk to Koodo and chances are they will drop the price on you (either the Tab itself, or paying it off)! Welcome to Canada 🙂
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You get a 15 day price guarantee since all they have to do is refund/resell the phone.