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Do I have to switch to someone else after 4 years?

Increasingly confused and irritated - how the same person, living in the same building, calling from the same land-line number, is "arbitrarily" listed as calling from our town and the neighbouring town. - how calls are seemingly randomly assigned a charge, so that I end up with "additional local airtime" as if I can control who calls me (I rarely even answer anymore because this happened last month as well!). I've been happy with Koodo for 4 years, but am seriously considering getting "out of Dodge" at this point! I can't afford to have additional 40 -70 $ added out of the blue like this! And why is the tab down-payment suddenly a fixed amount and not a % of the bill like it used to be? No longer happy customer 😞

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With regards to billing issues, your only option is to call Customer Service (611 from your Koodo mobile). We can theorize all we want here, but you need to have someone with access to your billing and usage information go through these issues with you. As far as the tab payments go, it's still a % payment from your monthly bill and has increased from 10% to 15% (and there is a $5/month surcharge for 24 months if getting a Tab M or a $10/month surcharge of getting a Tab L). http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab.shtml
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There is something strange about what you seem to be experiencing Sarah, I never had a billing issue with them. When you did call them how did they explain the situation? There must be some technical reason for all this.
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Hi Sarah, A couple of questions: - What plan are you on? Is it a Canada-wide plan? - Do you live near the perimeter of an area code?
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Has anyone noticed it was mentioned about Additional Local Airtime? That tells me that you went over the allowed minutes, Sarah. True, you cannot control who calls you. What you can do is educate yourself about what the plan contains. There is a very good chance you do not have unlimited incoming calls. Having additional airtime is rarely Koodo's issue. It is the user of the device. Simple answer: Stop going over the allowed amount of minutes. Geographical location has no relevance to additional airtime. Switching providers will not fix anything if the user keeps going over the minutes included in the plan.