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DO I have to change plans for a tab L

I have a great plan with Koodo and don't want to switch it. Am I able to get a Tab L without switching to one of the tab l plans? The plan I have nowis a $45 dollar plan. Thanks, Kenneth

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Hi Kenneth, If you want a Tab L, you must select a Tab L plan. If you want to keep your plan, the Tab M is as much as you can go with since your plan is $30 or higher
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Koodo needs to make enough revenue back to make up the huge cost of the phones given out which is why it requires a Tab L plan for higher subsidies. Like Dennis said, your highest option is the Tab M ($300 off a phone)
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You need to decide if its worth it for YOU to give up a good plan, IN THE LONG TERM. For me it was not. So I did a new Moto G on small tab and kept my 6/gig $60.00 plan.