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Discount for no-tab should be 15% off, like the tab contribution.

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A question I recently posted made me think to post this as an idea. There may be reasons for the way things are, so if it could be explained in that aspect, that'd be great. But, it's true. I was originally on the old 10% tab contribution system and was not eligible to have the 15% tab contribution as I bought my phone before that new system came in. My phone is all paid off and I now receive a 10% discount on my bill. It is great, and saves me money, but would it not be possible to have the same discount on the bill as I would have if I were to collect tab credits (at the 15% rate) now that my phone is paid off? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought this. Is there a reason for the 10% discount bill and not the 15%? If there is no specific reason, this would be a good idea to just help with cutting costs of those long-term customers (like myself) and just gives a bit back. Let's start the discussion rolling.

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