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did Koodo steal my tab balance?

i had a tab balance ... it's gone ... did Koodo steal my tab balance?

unfortunately it appears that no humans work for Koodo and their chat bot is not even as good as  Joseph Weizenbaum's Eliza.

my tab balance is now $0.00 ... i never used it to buy a new phone.

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Your Tab was converted to a $150 credit. If you look online while within your account, you will see your phone choice is $150 cheaper than if you look to the public page. See this link: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/chan...
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Ouch Gerry..........that hurts. 🙂 No one stole tab balance. It has simply been converted to a credit that you have access to next time you upgrade your phone. We did send multiple notifications to let people know. It is possible that the email got caught up in your filters. However, it is also on your past bill.

If you tried our bot on our site, that is indeed a prototype. With all due respect to Joseph and his Eliza it can't even tell why my chicken soup is no good. 🙂 And I gave it plenty of hints. 🙂 Our bot's recognition rate is well past Eliza's. Even as a prototype.