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Dead Phone, Replacement phone, keep plan

I have been having problem with my old Galaxy ACE for a while now and today it finally died. I'm not interested in a repair or anything, I just need a replacement phone. If possible I'd like to keep my plan ($15). Is this possible and are there any charges that I might have to pay at any point during the exchange?

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You can move your SIM to a new phone without charge. If you need a new SIM due to a difference in size of the SIM, there would be a small fee for the new SIM. You can update the SIM information in self-serve to activate the new SIM on your account.
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Hi Tyler, If you go to a Koodo stall and see a new phone you like, they can just switch your account over with the same plan that you currently have. The only cost associated to this would be the cost of the phone itself, there will be no fee for a new SIM card or anything other than the phone. If you find an unlocked phone elsewhere, you can put your current SIM card in the new phone if it fits. If it does not, then you will need to purchase a new SIM card (Last time I purchased one I believe they were 10$ +tax). Regardless of which way you decide to go, you will most definitely be able to keep your plan! Hope this helps!
Thanks for the replies. I think I still owe something like $11 on my tab, will I be paying that in addition to the cost of the new phone?
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Hi Tyler, Yes and no. Your new phone will restart the tab back down to -150$ (if you had a tab small). You will need to pay the difference of what is left to pay off of the phone's price.