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Cyber Monday Sales?

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Koodo just put a ONE DAY SALE for tomorrow called the "Cyber Monday Sale"! Basically the HTC One V is $125 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace is $75. You get $100.gift cards when you purchase these phones as well. I know these phones are "old and entry-level but you're basically paying us to get the Samsung Galaxy Ace? (-$75+$100.giftcard=$25 earned?) Anyways interesting idea and they seem very cheap! Also, good job on the current promotions as well! ($100.gift cards, promotional plans, etc.)

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The $100 is for new activation only it says. It's always like that, but even without the.giftcard these are really good prices if someone wants to upgrade.
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And with the referral codes, new customers can take off another $25. 🙂