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Forward pay on tab; I think it would be a good idea to make it easy to pay extra onto my tab. Some months I have a little extra cash and I could put 10-20$ extra towards paying off my tab. Long-distance; I do a lot of travelling and I find it hard to find information on charges outside of Canada. And I've never been able to find services that could let me pre-buy a set number of text messages. If I was going on vacation and I could buy 200 extra texts for the country I was visiting that would be awesome!

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You are better off not paying more than you need on the tab. It's essentially an interest free loan. Let your money work for you. 🙂 I always use an unlocked phone when I travel and just pop in a local SIM card when I arrive at any airport. Far cheaper that way.
When I travel to the US I have a roam mobility SIM that I use. Pay by the day and no surprises when you return to Canada.