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I have a tab above zero. I thought this would give me money off of a phone but it looks as though I just have the option of adding that money onto a $150 tab for a new phone giving me a larger tab. Does that not just mean it will take longer to pay my next tab?

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the positive balance is money you can use to buy a phone without having to pay it back to koodo.
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The Tab is a floating loan... since you're ABOVE zero, you not only have + Tab accumulated for a new device, but you can dip into negative Tab (if you're eligible) to get a credit off a new phone, up to $150 for Small Tab. You can keep your old plan no matter what. Each month, 15% of your bill is credited off your Tab and it's cleared within 24 months. You can get up to $300 off a phone for Medium Tab. Koodo's contribution is still 15%, but the difference is now you'll need a minimum $30 plan, so you can keep your old one if it's above $30. No matter which route you take, you'll get a $5 Tab charge added onto your bill that will help pay off the Tab faster. There's also Large Tab but... it makes little economic sense.