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changing the plan tabs charges

Hello I'm changing my plan, $50 to $40. So they are advertising me that I will lose tab charge. What does it exactly means? Other question, does I have to pay fees for this changing?

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There is no charge if you are changing your plan via Self Serve online. There would be a charge if you did this over the phone. I dont understand what you mean about losing the Tab charge. This change of plan should not affect your tab. 15% of your bill should still be contributed to your Tab S or M. If it is a Tab M the $5 monthly Tab charge should remain. And Tab L should not be applicable as that is $65 minimum. If this was an older cell purchase then your monthly tab contribution will remain at 10%
When changing plans there is no fee to change your plan on Koodo self serve, which you can do once a month. As for your other question when changing from the $50 plan to $40 plan the only loss you will face for your TAB is that you will have less money put against your tab, as generally 15% of your monthly bill is put against your tab balance. Eg. For your old $50 plan... 50 * 0.15 = 7.50 was taken off your tab each month For your new $40 plan.... 40 * 0.15 = 6.00 will be applied to your tab each month Thus, there is only $1.50 less being taken off your tab each month for switching to the lower plan. Cheers, Jeff