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change tab levels without changing plans

Do any of you gurus know if i can change my tab level from tab s to tab m without changing my plan (currently the $56 canada wide double data). I would like to contribute the extra $5 to clear off my tab a little quicker (or make room for a new phone in the next year or so) - currently at -$130 as I just cleared out the positive balance and loaded up the tab and bought the nexus 4 for $35... Thanks...

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In order to change the tab types, you would need to upgrade the phone. If you got the Nexus 4 within 14 days, bring it back and see if they can redo the transaction using the Tab M instead. No, you would not have to change your plan as the Tab M only requires a plan with a minimum charge of $30/month.
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You can change tab levels from small to medium without changing plans since your plan is presently over $30,however you have to upgrade to a new phone to do so. As you just upgraded your phone recently you probably won't want to upgrade again but unfortunately that's the only way. What you can do is you can bring down your tab faster by referring ppl to Koodo through the referral program and get $25 towards your tab amount and the person your referring for each person you refer. The person has to be a customer for 6 weeks and have paid their bills on time each month before you'll be eligible to recieve the credits.
Thanks guys... it isn't so much an urgency, as it is just a nice to know that I dont owe Koodo any money. no plans on leaving anytime soon, so i can just ride out the tab.. As for the referral bonus, thats how i got such a high positive balance in less than 8 months..
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I don't see why you would want to pay your Tab off faster than necessary. You're just parting with your money quicker. If you want to upgrade to another phone in a year or so, you can simply upgrade to a different phone and use any remaining Tab amount available as a subsidy for the upgrade, or move up to another Tab level for a bigger subsidy. Think of the Tab as a revolving credit line that you can use up to your limit at any time. Paying it off early gives you no benefit, and having a positive Tab balance is silly (unless your positive Tab balance is due to referral Tab credits). Once you have a zero or positive Tab balance, you're better off taking the 10% plan discount.