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change phone

I just want to double check.

I have old phone which have remaining tab balance $50. this phone has monthly plan. but, this phone was broken now. 
So, I want to change another phone with new number and I want to use prepaid plan. 

in this case, do I have penalty?  or can I just pay about tab balance $50 ?

If I activate prepaid phone, my old phone (has remaining tab balance $50 ) will cancel automatically?

I just worry about penalty.

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There's no penalty. You just pay out your tab balance. Do you specifically want a different number? You can just switch over your current line to prepaid and keep your number if you would like to. Your old line will not cancel automatically, you will have to call to either transfer to prepaid or cancel it completely. You will get a final bill for your tab and whateverf you had in the billing cycle for your plan.
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Do you already have a new phone or you want to buy a phone from Koodo or someone else?
I have already other phone which my sister used.
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As long as it's a Telus/Koodo phone or unlocked and support 3G frequencies 850/1900 it'll work with Koodo. Like what's been stated, if you're activating a new phone # on a prepaid line, you will have to manually cancel your postpaid (Tab) plan and it will get billed to you. You'll pay out a prorated month + any remaining Tab balance.