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cannot pay off tab

  • 12 June 2019
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I recently gained ownership of my phone. Previously, I was on my parents account. There is only 15 dollars left on my tab. I want to order a new phone online but it will not let me. I get a message that gives me 3 possible reasons why I am unable to pay it off ( have not been with koodo for 3 months, on spending program, or have not paid off first bill). Because I just gained ownership, my account technically has not been with Koodo for 3 months, I have good credit so I am not on the spending limit program and I haven't got my first bill yet addressed to this account. Do I need to go into a Koodo store and speak to a rep about this? I just want to pay off the 15 dollars and get a new phone.

1 reply

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If you just gained the ownership of the phone and plan, then you couldn't pay if off in selfserve. The store couldn't help either. You would have to contact Koodo customer service directly and ask if they can make an exception. You could setup a callback through their digital assistant (www.koodo.com/chat) or send message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo