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Cancelling before the 90days?

  • 30 June 2019
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Hi guys,

i got a phone at Best Buy mobile about 10 days ago.

Long story short: explained to Best Buy my issue that my phone kept crashing, refused to do anything and just referred me to Apple.

Going to apple i decided to upgrade my phone as per the genius recommended.

I was now wondering if there’s any way I can pay off my tab before being a customer for 90 days as I’m paying for a phone I don’t have any longer would prefer paying it off asap.


2 replies

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Hi Thedudeo112, when you log into your account click self serve-Koodo tab- and see if there is an option to pay off tab. Click it and it will be added to your next bill. If that doesn’t work for you because your purchase was too recent, you can pm Koodo on Twitter with your question. They usually respond within the day.
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Out of curiosity, which phone is it and which one are you upgrading to?

You have 15 days to return/ exchange your phone with all accessories and packaging. You can just do that and it'll refund your tab as well.

Edit: I missed the part where you don't have any longer. Did you trade it in? Or sell it yourself?