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Can't find the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Why Samsung s6 edge is not available with koodo? Is it only for advertisement? Though plan says its lowest plan in all over canada. But including tab it's costing u more than some other carrier. And this trick with innocent customer?

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The edge is available, but it's limited to the Black 32gb model. The new plans basically advertise the no term pricing and then they add the Tab on top. It's not a trick, it's just not explained until you look into it a bit deeper.
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Hello Zannatun,

Johnatan is right. If you would like this phone model, the best thing would be to contact our stores to see exactly which one has it in stock. You can find the stores' contact details here: http://koo.do/1FGnrCE. If you are interested in the new Tab, you can find more details about it at this link: http://koo.do/13CwTRu.

Many thanks!