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Can I pay off my Koodo tab without paying the full amount of my bill?

So I have two plans on my one account. One is my brothers who previously didn't have good enough credit with Telus to get a phone. 
Now he has a account of his own and I would like to pay off the tab and delete his phone number from my account. 
Can this be accomplished without paying the already outstanding balance of my account? That balance being less than 200 currently. 

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It goes on your next bill, so unlikely. I suppose you could just pay what the tab is but as the account holder you are responsible to pay what is owed on the account, including the plan.
Right. But I have two plans charged to my account so do I have to have my total outstanding balance paid off before I can charge anything to the Koodo tab on one of the plans?

Would this be made more possible with a credit card payment?
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You will have to call in to close the line unless he is porting his number from your Koodo account to another carrier or his own account with koodo if that's the case. If he's porting the number then it will automatically close his account and put it in the bill.
They will put the amount in tour next bill and you can pay off his portion yes, you will have to pay off yours as well but you can do that before tb bill is due.