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Can a limited time rebate offer be used to lower large tab?

I have a limited time offer from Koodo to apply to a new phone. However, how does it work for the tab? Does it lower the monthly tab from let's say $21 on a large tab to $15 a month? Or do I have to pay the $21 monthly tab for a period less than 2 years? Thanks!

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What does your offer said? Did you receive it through text or Email?
People are receiving different offer from time to time, so we need to know what kind of offer you received before we answer your question :) 
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The only way the limited time offer would help any with the tab is through activation credits. For instance, the LG G5, Moto Z Play and Samsung Galaxy S6 are by default on tab large, but sometimes Koodo throws in activation credits to bring it down to zero up front on a tab medium. These activation credit promos are usually limited time offers and get removed or reduced afterwards.
I called customer service regarding another issue and asked my question anyway. They say that it will reduce the monthly tab but the duration of the payment plan remains 2 years I got this offer via text and it shows up on my onine account and I can select it. It is only available for specific phones, no accessories. It is a limited time offer of a credit that expires next month. Thanks for responding!
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Hi Julia! 

We'd love to help. Please note that if the agent mentioned that your monthly Tab charge will be reduced, that means that you won't have to get the phone on a Large Tab, thus you won't have to get a Large Tab plans. 

With that being said, if you have any other question regarding the offer, feel free to send us a screenshot of the promotion on a private message on Facebook or Twitter, as we'd love to look into it and help you with your inquiry.