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Build your own plan based on a tiered system

I always seem to be running out of data, but I have way more minutes than I need. I propose a system that allows users to select exactly what level of each service they desire. Basically a series of 'levels' for each service, ie text, data, minutes etc. And the users selects exactly what level they want of each.
So lets say a plan is $40/month and comes with 5 credits. Each credit covers one level, so as the user I can choose which categories I would like each credit to go toward. As an example I would select 3 credits worth of data and only one of text and one of minutes. Plus for add-ons it would be simple to say that one additional credit is $__ on top of your current plan.

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Good idea!
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Problem with that is that it leads to different plans for every single person which is really hard to keep track of when dealing with customer service issues, account issues, plan issues, etc. You can always pay a bit extra for your overages on data or upgrade to a plan with higher data buckets.