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Before I upgrade to a new phone I want to make sure I can keep my current rate plan?

Hi, I have a plan upgrade offer with my positive tab of 150$. I want to get the essential; using my tab offer I will only have to pay $50 for it and then have a medium tab of 15$ extra per month on my bill. So that part I understand. I just want to make sure I will not be losing my existing rate plan of $40 a month with 1G of data. I upgraded to this promotion plan a few months ago and I dont want to lose it if I upgrade to this new phone. Can you let me know if I get to keep it?

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The new minimum to use tab medium js 45 dollars now. If you want to keep your plan you'll be restricted to tab small. If you're in QC however, it's 35 still to get tab medium.
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Yeah, you have properly to change your rate plan up to 45 in most of the provinces to get the Medium Tab.

I am not a fan of forced rateplan changes to get higher Tab. Koodo should honor the Tab for existing customers. As of now the $45 plan wasn't as good as the $40 in August 2017 (in BC), so in order to get a similar plan they might have to jack up to $55 or more.

That was a bad move, which was in favor of money instead of customer loyalty.
Koodo is able to give you on medium tab with your existing plan using some exception, which loyalty or support team has access to it.
If it doesn’t work, then switch to the $45 loyalty plan unlimited talk and text with 1.5 Gb of data by calling the loyalty department, which customer care has to transfer you to that particular department.
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Sagith wrote:

If it doesn’t work, then switch to the $45 loyalty plan unlimited talk and text with 1.5 Gb of da...

This is definitely not anything guaranteed. Koodo isn't generally a company to just throw out loyalty offers just for asking for something special.