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Awesome customer service in Oshawa Koodo booth - Thanks Jack!!

I wanted to comment on the service I received at the Oshawa Centre Koodo booth. I was very impressed with the service. Jack was helping me get a new phone and select a new plan. He was patient and funny. I arrived at the booth at 8:45 and he stayed till 9:20 (after closing) to help me get my phone hooked up. Thanks for the awesome service. You need more 'Jacks' at your stores/booths!! Jane

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when I got my phone at a kiosk (st. catharines) i had a good time and the woman was very informative and helpful. I wish i could remember her name! the set up was a breeze and i go back to the kiosk every time I need something. I guess It just depends?
That's good to hear. I will go to a Futureshop cell store before i will ever go to a Koodo Kiosk in my area unless i have too. It seems that everyone at the kiosk are not well informed, i usually know more than them cause i do my research but still have questions sometimes. In my past experience most of them will look everywhere but at you when explaining something kinda makes you feel like you're bothering them.
Hi, I just became a customer with koodo and I would like to thank Jack, a sales representative, who helped me out! Even though it was an extremely busy Friday night, he was still able to help me and 2 other customers out at the same time. I was surprised and delighted. I for one, would not have been able to provide such excellent customer service with just only one other other employee working with me. He was very informative about the plans and phone. I was very impressed with the customer service provided to me in such busy circumstances!