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Any benefit to paying Tab early?

As a customer for at least 5 yrs or so, and paid several Tabs, the one reason I would consider paying early is if one has a Tab large ($21) and for services at $74.  Can someone pay the Tab out and change their plan to a $55 one (1GB unlimited text & talk) which is exactly the same as the $74 one..or am I wrong there? (which admittedly I am very unfamiliar with switching up as I was always a medium customer).  I recently changed to a Tab large and the monthly services charge is increased from $55 to $75 for what I can see as the exact same features.  Not a big worry for myself, as I will pay the Tab out when the option becomes available but still may be something to look at if I am correct on the little difference in plans.

As a side question, how long is the wait to pay the Tab off if you've been a customer for many years.  Is the 90 days linked to your account or your phone in late 2017?


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Yes, you can pay out your Tab & switch plans. The 90 days is from the most recent purchase of a subsidized phone.
Great question Yes you are 100% on the ball paying off the large tab will allow you to change to any in market plan you wish using your self serve.  The 90 days does apply after any new tab signed so you must wait the 90 days before paying off any new tab signed 
Thanks!  That's what I was hoping was the case.  After Christmas it is.