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Hello, I bought my iPhone SE exactly a month ago and paid $368 for a small tab and my bill would be $55 a month for only 500 MB data. My dad bought the same phone two weeks later and bought it out right for the same price and got 1G of data. How can I get this and why was I not offered this?? I'd rather buy the phone and have a smaller bill per month.

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Interesting because two weeks ago that plan came with 1gb of bonus data. Special deals are provided to different people. there's no guarantees that everyone will get them or the same ones. As it is you can get 55 a month plan with 1gb of data. I'd switch to it via self-serve.
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welcome to the world of electronics. sales come and go. I assume that plan wasn't available when you got your phone. prices will always go down as new models come out. I still have 32in 720P TV sitting in my bedroom that I pay $1500 bucks for. I sympathize with you. my phone I got 2 months ago is 100 bucks cheaper now. I would suggest paying out you tab when you can and switch to a plan that you like. once you pay off your tab you can switch plans whenever a special offer comes up