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Activation Credit on New Phone with a Positive Tab

I have a $150 positive tab credit due to the retiring of the positive tab program. It says I can apply it to any phone. I just updated my Tab to a medium plan of $40 a month so I am eligible for a new phone on a tab small or tab medium. I am looking at the iPhone SE 32GB. Looking at the website when I am not logged in, the retail price is $590 but has an activation credit of $230, leaving $360 for a tab.

When I log into my selfservice the price is the same. I only see the activation credit and not both the activation credit and my $150 credit. Shouldn't my $150 credit adjust the sale price to put the remaining $210 on my tab?  

However, strangely the price for the iPhone SE 128GB has been adjusted with my $150 credit and the activation credit to put $360 on the tab.

Shouldn't I be eligible for the activation credit and my $150 credit on the iPhone SE 38GB??

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Yes, you should see both. Possibly a glitch in the system. Let's see what the Koodo gurus have to say.
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Roar wrote:

Assuming there is no nasty fine print for that offer, because I didn't even see the offer:
Save s...

Price related complaints are not in scope for CCTS. A submission about this would not have been accepted. 
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Hey Sarah,

It's an Apple issue unfortunately. Spare you the details, but simply send us a private message on Facebook and we will adjust your tab manually.