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$50 tab credits

My idea is simple: A $50 tab credit can be given to customers that get a phone within 15 days of its release, which will create added incentive for customers to get this new phone in a limited amount of time. This will cause more people to extend their terms for 2 years, which makes the return a lot higher than the $50 tab credit given. Phones are constantly changing their technology and as a result, more people look to get the latest phones. This will also separate Koodo from other companies which may possibly cause others to switch over Koodo.
Another instance in which a $50 tab credit can be applied is for people that are switching over to Koodo who have a cancellation fee greater than $100 so that they can immediately start off on a positive note.
It is my belief that with the addition of these two $50 tab credits, more people will switch over to Koodo and more will continue their service with Koodo. Koodo is an excellent company and their customers are very satisfied, so I'd love for more people to convert or extend their service with Koodo. Feel free to change the amount of days the first tab credit is available under, or the minimum cancellation fee for the second tab credit. I chose what I thought to be the best for each, but I would of course want you to do what you feel comfortable with. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Theres aalready constantly $100.gift cards given to new customers when they purchase certain phones which are usually the new phones as well, so they're already kind of doing this idea. Also Koodo has problems getting enough stock when phones are first released to meet the demand so there's no need for any incentive to sell freshly released phones.
There is never any.gift card with a new phone release. Ie. You would not receive any.gift card for an iphone 6, but you could receive a $50 tab credit if you purchased one within 15 days of its release date. As for the $50 tab credit on those porting over to Koodo, that idea would only be for BYOD with a cancellation fee of $100 or greater. Sorry, meant to include that