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24 month Tab guarantee problem. Not being paid off. Anything I can do?

  • 12 August 2015
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I have been generally very content with my service in my 7 years with Koodo but I have run into a problem that may lead me to jump ship.

So I have taken a look at some other threads regarding the old Three-Tiered tab model and the 24 month guaranteed pay off. From what I understand is that if you made a new Tab (in my case Tab Medium) after July 2013 that regardless of if you have a negative balance by the end of 24 months, it will be wiped to zero.

I upgraded to a new phone August 2013 and started paying the $5 Tab Charge + the 15% that is added from my bill (which is very little due to my $30 plan). It has been 24 billing cycles having paid this and I still have a -$72 balance on my tab. 

I was told at the time of purchase, as per the guarantee and stated at the top, that at this time the Tab would be wiped by Koodo. (The math added up and saving money was very enticing)

Now that I am looking to upgrade phones, I have spoken with several Koodo representatives and they all seemed unaware that this exists or just not able to help me. They say that I would have to pay off the rest of my balance before upgrading.

I called customer support and spoke to a couple different reps telling me the same. They told me this (paraphrasing slightly):

Paying the $5 per month on Tab medium and the 15% adding from your bill, if after 24 months you still have a negative balance, the onus is on the CUSTOMER to pay off the remaining balance.

This seems odd and I can't seem to talk to anyone who is willing to acknowledge this guarantee existed.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, anything would be appreciated.

4 replies

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Holy crap.  If that is what customer support is telling you then they are completely wrong!

As per the CRTC wireless code of conduct, no contract or tab should still have subsidy money owing after 24 months.

You have 2 options.  Wait one more month and your tab better be at 0.  Or you can call customer support again and tell them it's been 24 months and why is your tab not at $0
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Hi there Steven...

I do not know how many times you have called regarding the same issue, but for sure there is something that can be done in your case...

Please call again, expose your case, if you are not satisfied with the answer, request to speak to the Koodo Support Team, there is a solution for your case for sure...

Hey thanks for the quick replies! I know I'm in the right, I'm just struggling to find someone to help me resolve things. I'll definitely have to call again and see if I can just make a fuss with someone until things get solved.
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Hi Steven, rest assured that after 24 months the Tab will be set automatically to $0 🙂 If you have been charged the $5 monthly Tab fee 24 times already, than this month was the last time! We want to check what happened with the representatives you talk to, though. Would you mind sending us an email using that link: http://koo.do/11eMLdy. Please select the category Social Media so we can find your email faster. That will give us access to your account. Thank you very much!