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Your still waiting to be approved

  • 10 September 2020
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“Looks like the account has already been linked to another email address” I signed up to Koodo today and when I typed all my info in after purchasing the phone I got the previously quoted statement. I only used one email from the beginning and I followed the steps in the emails I received. Not sure why this is happening I wish I could speak to somebody over the phone and not a robot. 

10 replies

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I'm guessing that you didn't wait to receive your activation email. It's an issue. You can go to Koodo.com/chat and say that you cannot register for self-serve. It should give you a link to reset registration. Failing that, come back here with your order number and we can flag a Rep to reset your account.

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Normally this message appeared if you tried to create a selfserve account before the activation email arrived or you had an account with Koodo in the past with that email.

You mentioned that you signed up with them today? have you received your SIM card yet? was it working?

I received an email after leaving the store saying device activation confirmation so I assumed that was the email I was told I would get. I proceeded to go to the self serve link and register. It said registration was confIrmed but when I went to sign in I got the previously quoted statement. I only used one email the whole way through and when I tried communicating with the bot I wasn’t able to get a reset registration link. The SIM card is in the phone and everything works other than the account trouble.

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If your SIM worked then you could try to this link koo.do/SSreg  and try to reset the selfserve account. Hopefully that works. If not, you would need a rep to reset it from Koodo end.

I need a rep to help me, the bot just keeps going in circles it asks for my account number than email then says we have an account but never gives me an option for resetting registration.

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I flagged. If you used the same email in the self-serve as email in the forum, they would be able to find you. If not, you might have to contact them directly. Facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo is the best option

Hopefully, I don’t have a Facebook account in order to contact them. I wish they just had a customer service number. 

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Please try to log in now, using your email address and password (www.koodo.com/self-serve) and let me know if it works.

If still not working, we can reset the Self Serve profile and send you a registration email.

Thank you!



It is working, thanks for all the help everybody.

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I am glad to hear it works.

Thank you, Bradley.

Thank you, guys.