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You're still waiting to be approved

  • 13 February 2021
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I seem to be in a predicament. “You're still waiting to be approved” Is my issue. See I stupidly thought it would be grand to use my old account from 2014 instead of just simply starting a new one. And now I'm left with this message everytime I try and log in.

I somehow managed to purchase a plan and get a sim card sent to me under this account before it started informing me I was not the owner of the account and I have to wait to be approved. Problem is. I have all the email addresses ever linked to this account. And none of them have any email about approving anything.

Now, I cant contact anyone at koodo.

So I don't know what to do. I have my Bell plan still and now a Koodo plan that I cant access, let alone pay rofl. And I'm worried my bell plan will cancel and koodo will be impossible to get into and I'm stuck paying for a bill I can never quit.


Someone help me please. 

Idealy id like to just start a new account with the current sim card that was sent to me. Simple no fuss fix, right? 

Any other suggestions appreciated.

2 replies


I see your predicament. Such a problem contacting a live person.  What I would do if I was  you, if possible,  visit a Koodo store or another retailer that does Koodo activations.  Bring all your info/ID and all Koodo account numbers. Ask  politely for their assistance.

This person can access Koodo help with the activation, and remove any old accounts that you may have had with Koodo; you might have more that u think. Each time you try to activate, you create an account, does not matter if it goes through or not. A phone number need not be generated to create an account.

Activation  charge, may or may not apply. 

I hope this helps.







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Your email is still linked to the old completely separate account number. Send koodo a message via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM. Tell them you can't sign into self serve and are getting the ‘still waiting to be approved' message. They can reset your self serve profile so you can set it up again from a clean slate.