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Worst new customer experience I've ever had. Makes me regret switching.

  • 5 June 2020
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I’ve just set up a new account with Koodo and it has been a horrible experience which had me immediately feeling regret after signing up. And all of the problems are rooted in the automated systems. Whenever I reached a person (which is a huge hassle in itself and magnifies the problem) they have been able to resolve issues with relative ease.


  1. Picking a plan and ordering the sim card was easy. That’s fine.
  2. Received the bill the day after the order went in, even though I wasn’t using the service. Due to UPS (wasn’t Koodo’s fault) I wound up getting the card in 10 days. I refuse to pay for the service before I can actually start using it but was getting concerned that I would start getting late fees as the emails did not include a due date. So I attempted to call, which turned in to scouring the website for a phone number. Everything points to self serve sign in which I can’t do as I don’t have a number. With no luck I gave  up and went the escalation route which forced me to set up a callback. Callback implies “pick a time we should call you back at” but no, it’s an immediate 15 min window which was unexpected and frustrating. After getting the callback in 17 minutes, i was called and immediately put on hold and then sat listening to a ringing phone for a few minutes anyways. Person was able to confirm the billing cycle and that I could refund the difference between bill start and when I get the SIM.
  3. SIM arrives, so I open up the email the summary “how to move your old number”. This contains a temp number that I needed to sign up to self serve that I didn’t know I had, as it didn’t contain any reference to having general necessary information in the summary. Sign up and go in to the set up for switching my number (by the way, the email had incorrect instructions as to where to change your number). It fails at the last step and says try again. Go to try again and it says you can’t do this for 14 days. So i go to phone a number that I asked for during the last customer service call and it demanded that I use the callback system and hangs up on me. I have to know my number for callback and I have no idea if the number switch actually worked. I have to contact other people with a random number to confirm I’m still using the temp number, and lucky they responded to an unknown number with all the spam going on. Set up call back and they are able to switch it over and do the bill refund.


This whole process was unnecessarily stressful and a waste of time.


  • It is way more difficult and complicated than it needs to be to contact customer service
  • The website tries to scare you out of calling because you might incur changes
  • I eventually found the number that the customer service rep gave me, which is an automated system and useless anyways
  • You are spammed with emails with non-useful sender and summary information after sign up
  • I don’t know what happened with the phone number switch system but it was an utter failure
  • Why do I have to call in to get a refund for the time I wasn’t able to use and the billing doesn’t just start the first time the sim card hits a network
  • Callback system needs to tell you BEFORE you confirm what the callback window is (I was trying to give up and go out to lunch and had to delay it)
  • Resorted at one point to GOOGLE how to contact Koodo and only found references to contacting via Facebook or Twitter ( I do not use and refuse to sign up for either) or this forum (which is NOT an acceptable immediate need system)
  • Aside from all this the referral system is just dumb. Why do I need multiple steps before and after to redeem this? And it requires your Koodo number after which makes it double confusing when transferring your number. Just give me a referral code that I put in during sign up and do all of it for me.


if Koodo’s customer system is going to be so dependant on automated systems it needs to be top notch. Right now it is far from it.

7 replies

Update already.

I just finished the refer a friend sign up. It advertises everywhere $50 reward for referral!
Not until you actually FINISH all of it does it tell you that it is $10 credit for 5 months. That is not cool. If I was dependant on not having $50 of my bill this month, especially with covid going on, I’d be screwed.

That’s misleading and old school hidden charges BS that carriers are supposed to be getting away from.

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Very well written and I absolutely agree with a vast majority of what you said.


I will flag this to our Koodo contact and hopefully they will take this feedback and make improvements.

Thanks for listening. I hope this will lead to changes to improve other users’ first experiences.

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Dennis has flagged your post… I’m rooting too for some improvements. Some of Koodo’s methods seem so last decade, time to modernize! Especially if they don’t want people to call, they should offer alternatives to just social media (I hate those too). Most companies offer online chat (not a robot), email or a proper ticketing system such as Zendesk or Freshdesk. Koodo doesn’t even have those!

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@Anddd - Sincerely, thank you for taking the time to craft that, and sharing the specific pain-points you experienced. I agree, the journey you went though isn't perfect, but you're feedback is hugely helpful because we do constantly look for ways to improve and fix broken systems and processes. 


Would you be open to a quick feedback call at some point in the coming days, so I can get some more specific details, in order to action on some of this?

@Ranjan Koodo Sure just give me notice before hand as I may be busy.

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@Anddd - Apologies, as I know it’s been a while since you shared this. Any chance you’re free tomorrow in the morning? I can give you a shout pretty much any time after 8am your time.