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won't eccept phone number

Can't get my phone number accepted will not accept

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Did you just activate your account? We need a little more information...
trying to set up account so i can view bill . first time activating self serve
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Randy, most likely the rep who activated your account already set you up with Self-Serve (that's why it won't accept your phone number a "second" time). They asked you for an email address at activation, use that same email address and try to log in. It may just work! It did for me when I joined, I never had to actually "create" my Self-Serve account, the rep did it before I even knew it existed. Try it!
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Do you have a monthly plan or prepaid plan? There are 2 different set ups. If you have a monthly plan, try this link https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/Registration.portal