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Why is credit card info being asked for a monthly (postpaid) customer?

  • 14 September 2020
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I am a postpaid (monthly customer). I have 4 lines. I am trying to upgrade the plan and phone for one of those lines on self-serve. At the end of the process, I am being asked for credit card information.

Why is that, given that I am a postpaid (monthly) customer?

Will I be charged anything on my credit card?

Why isn’t there even a tiny explanation as to why my CC info is being asked for? This seems like a big fail.

2 replies

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To combat fraudulent orders part of the process is to verify that the billing address for the credit card matches the address on the account. If there is no balance due because the full price is covered by the tab you will not be charged anything.


I do, however, think this info should be made available  where the CC info is being requested to make clear how said CC is being used. Will make my order now.