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why i cant change my phone number?

why i cant change my phone number? 😞 .... so when i was on the number changing page, i followed the first 2 steps, but when it gets to 3rd steps where it said "step 3 - Choose a number from the list and click "change number"." i could not see any number appear on the list, it was just a blank box 😞

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Many times you need to search for possible phone numbers for the city that you are in (or moving to) - did it give you a search button? If this does not work than I would suggest talking to customer service and explaining what is going on and why you are unable to change the number. the phone number is *611 or 1-866-995-6636 - I know customer service can change your number
it did give me the search button and i did filled everything it asked me to.... still see none of my number on the 3rd steps
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Does the city have more than one area code as an option? sometimes area codes can run out of numbers on one day and have more the next.