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Why cant I see the new line

  • 28 August 2019
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I recently just added my boyfriend to my account by adding a new line..the phone came today but the sim card isn't working and I can't find the second line on my account. How do I activate his phone and why can't I see it on my account? My koodo bill hasnt even come out like it does every 27th. I'm very confused on whats going on. Anyone one had any similar issues?

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3 replies

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Hi, have you received the activation email regarding the second line? if so, the second SIM might not be activated. I will flag this to Koodo. Hopefully someone can help you here.
No I don't believe I have gotten an email but in all honesty I could have accidentally deleted it if it went to my spam folder. Thank you
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Hey @Doublev98 - We were able to locate your account, check out the order infromation and activate the second phone line. You can insert the SIM card into the phone and the service should be up and running 🙂 As well, in koodomobile.com/selfserve you will see all the information for the new phone line. Thank you.