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why cant i reset self serve !!! need my phone NOW

  • 17 April 2020
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Tried resetting password twice so I can login to self serve but the email never sends what is this give me my phone !!!!

5 replies

I get the secured question right each time and it still never sends the email I'm so mad give me my phone it's been 30 mins trying to fix this now !!!!!

Bump for Koodo staff to see this !!! I tried using your chat bot and scheduling a call but obviously the only number I have to call back is the one I CANT ACTIVATE

This is beyond frusterting !!!! I have work and business calls to make !!!!

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Have you checked spam folder for the email from Koodo?

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Are you a current customer? or you just ordered a phone? If you are a new one, did you receive the activation email? do not try to create an account before receiving that email or you will need help to reset.

If you a current customer, try to go to this www.koodo.com/chat and type “I cannot access my account”, it might help you to reset the account.

Regarding the number for callback, you can put any working number (that you don’t block Koodo number) for someone to call you back.