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Where's my other 5MB?

I was just browsing the self-serve today when I noticed something odd. Why does my data usage on the self-serve site AND app state */120MB when my plan includes 100MB and the data-saver add-on comes with 25MB, totalling 125MB? If I use 121MB is the data saver add-on going to ding me for additional data?

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Chad Burr wrote:

It's a system glitch if it was available for your plan it's really only there for older plans. ...

I'd also recommend removing the Data Saver addon.
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It's a system glitch if it was available for your plan it's really only there for older plans. Call koodo and explain that you were able to add it and didn't realize it won't work for you. I'll flag this with my liason in koodo so they can fix it.
Yeah, it is a data plan: Canada Wide Data Plan 30 So essentially you're saying it allowed me to select an add-on that I can't use on my plan and is charging me for said add-on. Well now there's a whole slew of new questions. The minute I go to 101MB I get charged overage even though it tells me I have 120MB, did I break something? Should I be reporting this as a bug somewhere? Can I request to be refunded for an add-on I technically don't have as it won't work on my plan? If so, how far back will they refund me for? How do I tell what add-ons I can actually use on my plan if it lets me select and pay for add-ons that I can't use? Seems like things haven't changed much since I stopped working for at&t, we'd get these kinds of problems all the time but it was generally the work of a dealer doing things he or she shouldn't. I know some of this stuff I could figure out on my own with a lot of reading, but this should help clear things up for others having this issue as well.
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I just want to chime in because i was confused abit forgive me Timo if i repeat what you said. Your plan includes a bucket of minutes and a bucket of data. Also your plan includes an overage rate. The minute you goto 101mb you start getting charged the overage rate. The data saver applies to talk and text plans (or some older plans) if your plan has the word 'data' in its name then data saver won't apply to you.
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Fixed rate and flex rate plans don't stack. Adding the data saver to a fixed rate data plan will, at best, do nothing, meaning that you are overpaying by the price of the data saver. At worst it will completely mess up the billing system, resulting in large overage charges.