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Where is page 2 of my "Overages" data?

I have airtime overages this month. I cannot see any of the overages for the last ten or so days. When I select "Overages," I get a page of data that takes me to approx ten days ago (and ten days before end of my billing period).     When I click the "Show more" bar at the bottom of the "Overages" page, notta, zilch.     Now what? Where can I see the rest of my overage data?

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Hey David - this was brought to our attention last week as a handful of other users were experiencing a similar problem. Our web team was able to find the issue and this should be udpated later this week when an update is released.

In the meantime, you won't be able to see any of your latest usage info., but can still review all usage billed to you in your PDF ebill. Hope that helps.