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When will the upgrade to your system be done?

want to make an online payment for my phones account and just want an estimate of when your upgrade to the koodo system will be done. Just saying it is unavailable without giving some kind of an estimate of when it will be complete is just wrong. It is ok to say it is just an estimate and it may be longer and update your message when you know. I should not have to just keep trying to see if you are done

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Well, if the past is any indicator than their system should be back around midday tomorrow. That seems to have been the pattern.
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They usually "update" the systems on saturdays and sundays, once every 2 weeks-ish? You can pay on the day before, or the day after.
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@Robert Please accept my sincerest apologies, by accident, the generic message was posted as opposed to the one that had the approximate time for the website to be up again. Everything is up and working again! Thanks for your understanding.