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when is koodo hopefully going to get the lg g4?

i have a samsung s 2 x and am holding out for updated phone until the lg g4 appears on koodo. and am wondering when that might be? thanks, john

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Koodo only got the LG G3 not that long ago, so I wouldn't expect it any time soon. If you want the phone now, I recommend going out and buying it unlocked and bringing it over to Koodo.

Koodo always posts new devices on FB first, so make sure to follow their page.
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If you get tired of waiting for new devices (as I did), I recommend the Moto X Play. Surprisingly an all around excellent device. Now that I've spent some time with the phone, if the option was given between the G4 and Moto X, it'd find it a tough decision to make
When did Koodo get the G3?
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Martin Kerr wrote:

When did Koodo get the G3?

Not too long before the G4 was launched
Ah I , actually correction, they had the LG G3 seven months ago, so maybe the g4 will arrive by say Feb/March maybe? At a guess of course.