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when I try to set up my self serve it tells me Information entered does not match with the account info.

problems getting account set up

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Hmm. Are you sure you're entering everything correctly? If you did and are still having issues, I would call customer service to have them fix your problem.
I finally broke down and called customer service. He tried to walk me through it a couple of times with the same result. He thought it might be an incompatibility with their registration process and Google Chrome. When I changed the browser to Explorer we got one step closer, but then got the same error message. In the end he had to do it from their end. So it's done...but it wasn't fun.
So basically, their online self-serve section is inept to such extent users need to have customer-service facilitate what should be a simple manoeuvre. Not impressed. Koodoo you are about to lose customers. Fix this preposterous glitch PRONTO. Bad service=bad service.
I'm having the same problem, but isn't it going to cost me money for the customer service rep to do this for me?