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What is my account number? Koodo Internet Customer

  • 14 November 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering what my account number is? I am a Koodo internet customer and do not have phone services with Koodo. I understand it is a subscription service and not a post-paid billing service. I have clicked everything in the self-service section and cannot find my account number.

Does anyone know how I can determine what my account number is?

Thank you

4 replies

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Yes it is a prepaid subscription service.

Do you see your account number in your payment receipt?


Hi Dennis,

There is no account number listed on the receipt.

Thank you.


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Let me flag a rep to see if they know where this account number is

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Hello @HelloWorld 

For postpaid it usually appear while you log in and click the dropdown menu “Self Serve” it shows on the top as Your name, the phone number and then the account number. 

On the Koodo prepaid it should be on the right hand top corner. 

When you log in, does it appear in the Profile tab under the account info section ?