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what i need to do if they are not accepting my number

  • 31 October 2013
  • 4 replies


4 replies

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So you mean you called customer service and they could not find your account with your phone number. They can try with your name or account number. Not sure if this is your question. You need to be more specific.
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Like Xavier not sure about your question and it would help to be more specific. If you mean your PIN # then you can log into your self serve account & get the # from there or change the # to something different. I think they may ask you a question that you provided when you signed up as well and you need to answer that question.
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Do you mean you want to port your phone number from another provider but it is not eligible to move to Koodo ?
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Find out what your correct telephone # is....or call back in with your koodo account # so they can pull up your file.