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what do you do when KOODO on line is down for some reason?

How to deal with self serve problems when Self Serve is off line for some reason.

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You can either wait if the problem is not an emergency or call them at *611
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Hey Penny! What's going on with your self-serve? No issues have been reported.  Let us know!
When I log in and go to selfserve and click on the link at the bottom to "change phone" I get this.... (I just copied and pased this off the exact place in selfserve. It has been like this for at least 2 days)
Change PhoneWe're currently making system upgrades. Please contact us for assistance.
I found my old phone so no longer in a panic but I still would like to be able to change phones soon before the time runs out on my other phone's SIM.

Hey Penny!
If Both the phones take the same sized sim just pull the batteries and swap the sim from your old phone to the one you'd like to use
if they do not use the same size sim:
 you'll have to buy the correct sim size from your closest Koodo location< call customer service and let them know Self Serve is down, they will be able to take it from there!