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  • 18 July 2020
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Everytime I try to buy a phone the web site says oh no something went wrong please log in again . Then I go through all the steps to buy a phone and it says again oh no something went wrong please log in again . And it is just a endless circle . Customer service does not seem to want to sell me a phone or offer any solution to problem . Just an I'm not sure why or just use our self serve online and I tell them it logs me out and says oh no something went wrong and then customer service offers me no solution to the problem just tell me they don't know why it won't work try again tomorrow so I did that for 14 days now I have tried again tomorrow . I just don't think they want to sell phones ??? What is going on this seems absolutely incomprehensible to me . If this were my company I would be imbaresed with myself and my company . Come on Koodo why can't you get your act together and create a viable lasting business ??  You would think an online based business would have a working easy to use online service but that is just not the case . I'm sorry that your customer service was not able to help me and ended the conversation with I'm sorry your thinking of going to a different company but I just can't help you ??? So strange . 


5 replies

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When you say customer service, are you speaking with a rep on the phone and they are not finding the root cause of your issue?


I am not sure what the customer service person proposed as possible solution, but we can try a few things.


First thing is have you cleared your browser cache? Have you tried a different browser or device?

Also to clarify, are you an existing customer?


Yes I was on the phone with two different people with your customer service . And that had absolutely no solutions to offer except I'm sorry it's not working try again tomorrow . And yes I am currently a customer with Koodo . I have not cleared the cache no I'm not sure what that is but I did try downloading Firefox and same issue there also I used Google search widget and the chrome browser I'm not sure why your site has this issue but I would suggest you hire a website development team that would know how to solve your problem in a few hours . There is no way I'm the only customer that has run into this issue . Also your customer service representatives have no knowledge on the workings of your company . I might suggest some training protocol put in place so the people in charge of helping your customers are actually equipped with the tools they need to help solve your costumers issues . 

Also why do I even have to be on this silly Koodo community in order to search out my own solution to my problem . Your customer service representatives should have at least offered to look into my problem find a solution for me and have some get back to me . Not just leave a loose end . With no solution . In my eyes that really only leaves me one option and that is to find a different cell phone service provider .

I wounder what your online sales are like have you checked that ? 


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Just to be clear, I'm not koodo as you can tell from my signature below. This is a public forum. I am a customer like you who is taking time from his Friday night to try and help you. 

I understand you are frustrated. I would be too. But I had a long day at work and it's really hard trying to help you when I'm trying to sort through the facts with a long list of complaints and criticism. I mean feel free to criticize koodo all you want, but it would be helpful if it was in a separate paragraph from the details of your issue. 

My next question is how Long you have been with Koodo and are you able to access self serve without issue? 

Also when you spoke with the rep the 2nd time, did you say you tried what was suggested the first time and attempt to push back a little more assertively?