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update the text on the porting page

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I was just informed by a customer that the self serve message he was shown after submitting a landline port advised him that his port should complete in roughly 15 minutes, and that he could check the status of his port using the "check transfer status tool". First, there should be some indication on this page that landline ports typically require about 2 business days to complete. Second, the check transfer status tool no longer seems to exist, either for care agents or for customers.

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Thank heavens someone else is having the same problem. I had them transfer apparently yesterday when they changed my number on the phone, but the Shaw end is not done and the Koodo rep has to do it. I was told two hours tops for the transfer and I would receive a message to confirm it. 24 hours later still not done. And like you, I spent a lot of time feeling that "I" was stupid for not finding the status tool. I went in circles as the instructions say to go to self serve and go to "mobile phone". Well, if you are prepaid it sends you to the prepaid log in and there is no access that I can see for "mobile phone" and therefore nowhere to find this phantom 'transfer status tool". If Koodo wants and encourages and insists that prepaid do their own work or be charged, at least they can make sure that the customer is permitted and supplied with the connections/links to do what has to be done. Very frustrating, especially after telling friends what a good system and plan Koodo has. I also suggest that someone in Koodo's engineering/technical department monitor these emails, NOT just a service rep (no insult intended) as in so many threads the reps respond but the complaints continue which leads one to feel that we are being placated, but the ones that should be fixing the problem are not seeing the entire picture.
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+1ing this idea. Better information communication needs to be taken into account here.